Snow Pack Malamutes

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This was a great time and great learning experience.  We camped out with about 45 malamutes this weekend. Ruger and Chenoa were with is. All did great !

Weight Pulling Competitions

We had a very successful weight pulling competition experience. Nador, Ruger and Colt all earned titles. Not a lot of pictures but very proud of these boys. 

Dog Sledding 

Endless miles of hiking and                      backpacking


Hiking with grandkids


Earlier History

It took years to build the old website, it will take me awhile to rebuild the new one. Please be patient. 

Some day, I will add earlier pictures.  When I have time to sit and scan the prints into the  computer. 

This link goes to a page with the much older pictures, not quite back to the beginning but pretty close. 

Fun Day - 3 males 5 females 
They say it can't be done 
I have done it many times