Snow Pack Malamutes

Planned Breedings

Fall 2022
Nanook / Kodiak
Echo / Kodiak

Kodiak  will be the sire to both breedings. He is just now maturing. He turned one in Feb. 

Kodiak is super fun, exciting and absolutely loves to play with the other dogs. He often has a toy in his mouth, usually a squeeky ball. He is gentle in his play. He is a pretty big boy that is still growing. I don't think he realizes how big he is.  He has a thick woolie coat that he is currently blowing. This is his first full blow and I am anxious to see his new coat.  Kodiak's ears should be fine and pups should be good. Kodiak got sick when he was about 4-5 months old. This is right at that critical time when ears are going up and teething at the same time. Unfortuately, we fight wild mushrooms when it rains a lot. These mushrooms are NOT poisonous to the point of killing them, but they are toxic to dogs and make them very sick. This most likely effected his ears. 

About Me

I care about my dogs and also the breed.  I also care about their health. 

It is important to me that the adult dogs have a good life. They are not simply kennel dogs waiting to be bred. They have plenty of room to run and play. They are a pack and get along with each other.  They do have kennels and they are arranged so they are either next to each other or across from each other. They don't like to be separated. We are completely fenced. IF anyone was to dig out, Aluki would let us know right away. She tattles!  IF someone was to get out, they are still fenced. Our yard is set up for the dogs. We have the large dog yard, a smaller rocked area (we sometime use for puppies ), and this goes to our deck and then to our living room which we allow all the animals into. The dogs are all crate trained and the girls are all indoor / outdoor dogs. With the dogs all in tact, it is harder to have the males inside. Our dogs are also raised with cats. 

Puppies are born and raised in our home. I have a bedroom set up for the dogs. I sleep with the newborn puppies until they are old enough to go outside.  There is a critical time to put the babies outside. One is when mom insists! The other is when they start eating standing up.  Taking the pups out at the right time is very important. They have an outside very secure, including top, kennel. The kennel is an 8 ft x 8 ft with doghouse. This opens up to an 8 ft by 15 ft play area that connects to our deck. This critical time makes it very easy to potty train them once they go to their new homes. Our puppies never learn to potty on anything but natural ground or wood shavings. The use of blankets, rugs or pee pads only teach them to potty ON things. This makes potty training difficult when they leave.  

Our puppies are raised with play time, lots of toys and quality food. Depending on the season, we also allow them to get dirty and play in water. 


I ask that everyone read the care and maintenance page on the menu bar. Even if you have owned malamutes before. 

Additional Information

I am raising my dogs and pups as natural as possible. I am careful to feed them quality food, treats only made in the U.S. that are all natural and human grade if possible. They are treated with Diatomaceous Earth instead of manufactured products. Puppies leave at or after 8 wks old. We will no longer do first shots. There is information on the care page about vaccines and side effects, so it is up to each individual to educate themselves and decide what is best for their pup. Please research the side effects and dangers of dog vaccines. 

The key to healthy dogs is not health tests, it is avoiding, preventing and learning. After almost 20 yrs with malamutes, I have learned so much is actually a lie. You can do all the health tests in the world, but if you "over" vaccinate, spay/neuter too soon, give preventive drugs you will most likely end up with a sick dog at some point. 

From hips, cancers, hot spots, seizures, autoimmune diseases, allergies and the list goes on. 

My "all natural " dogs are living proof.  

Reserved List

Lisa G

Chris H

Brian V



Contract to be signed after placing deposit
If you are interested in one of our pups, please fill out the application. Please fill it out completely, I need to be able to verify who you are. 

IF this is not complete, I will ignore it

$600 deposit, $600 when born, $600 by 6 wks old
Aluki - Nashoba
Aluki's Dad & Mom

Nashoba has produced both whites and reds so it is possible that this pair will produce them. But can't guarantee it

This link takes you to my old website where there is a paypal link, venmo info and our mailing address. 
I hope to get the link on this page soon
 approx due oct 18th
Approx due date Oct 27
No puppy is reserved without deposit !
Puppy picks are in the order of deposit !
Offering extra does not get you a better pick !

This is not against vaccines, this is be smart and learn the pros and cons and side effects and make an educated decision statement