Snow Pack Malamutes

This is what we feed moms, and this is what the pups will be started on as well. 
Both high quality food. This mix is chicken, turkey and lamb. When you buy food for your new pup, you can buy either one or sometime very similar. 

October 2022 Puppies Page

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Romy /Andy

October 15, 2022


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Babies are doing great!  They are 5 days old now. Big changes as now Echo's milk is in. First 4 days is just colostrum. It is what they need but usually does not satisfy them and often fussy. Now the good milk is in and they area happy! 

Overnight they have gone from looking like newborns to chunky roly poly newborns. They are quickly gaining weight.

They are getting big enough and strong enough that they can get out from under mom when she lays on them. And loud enough to scream at her. Echo is very good with them for the most part, dedicated and refuses to leave them for more than a fast minute.  Keeps them very clean. 

Over the next week, they will still basically eat and sleep and just put on weight. 

After 2 wks starting around 14 days is when they really start to change. Eyes and ears will start to open. They will start to become more aware out their surroundings. Their noses / pigment starts to turn black, and their hair will start to grow.  They all develop at a different pace but generally within a week of each other. 

Look how much we have grown and changed in just 5 days !
9 days


boy 4
True Black
boy 5
girl 1
girl 2
By 7 wks old they will look kind of like this
around 12 wks they will look like this
just to be sure, this is Echo's male pup
Aluki's babies
These kiddos are quite chunky. I can't pick them up with one hand anymore. They are solid. Eyes and ears are opening. 
This video is to show what it is like to line them up for a group picture. 
What's NEXT 
I will be  put ID collars on Echo's babies and then I will take individual mug shot pictures of all the puppies. Each puppy will have a different color. Hopefully moms will keep the collars on.  Once mug shots are posted, I will work down the list and people can start to make their picks. 
We have found our VOICE and we are going to use it all night long

There is nothing wrong with her, the puppies are teething 

   Male              Female             Male          Female
I can't tell the two females apart yet
the girls are actually the same size, one is just stretched out more

 We are outside !

This kennel is completely secure including roof. We can see inside the kennel through the window

The black square is a heater that is outside of the kennel. It is perfectly safe 

Echo is more content now.  The metal box is a gravity feeder. It holds up to 20 lbs of food

Inside the dog house 

The kennel is covered on top 2 sides. One side is mostly covered but the sun shines in during the day. The door side is uncovered. 

( I do need to get another tarp to cover this side during major storms )

This kennel is placed up against the house, on the right side is a heavily treed hill. It is very protected from weather. Even on cold days, this area can still warm up during the day. It opens up to an addition play area that is 8 ft x 15 ft, then on to our deck. 

It didn't take them long for them to start exploring

I went out and checked the temp. It is 20 degrees. I put the thermometer on the pups, and it reads 75 degrees. 

They do have a red heat lamp in addition to the other heater. We will most likely put a timer on that, so it is only on during the night. 

The way the kennel is set up with the tarp and location, it is kind of like a greenhouse. I set this on the outer edge of the kennel. It is 20 degrees, and, on the ground, it is at least 68 degrees. So, when the pups start to wander around during the day, they will still be warm as long as the sun is shining. This is a reptile thermometer, and it is accurate. 

First day outside ! 

To clarify, there is a difference between cuddling and huddling together for warmth. The temp at the doorway was 59 degrees and on the blanket was 68 degrees. I had to stop, or Echo was going to push me over. 

There is a mix of straw and hay inside the doghouse. The floor under the blanket is pavers which does help hold the heat from the heat lamp. This also is perfect for new little legs learning to walk. I cannot express it enough how important it is for these new little legs to have very good traction to learn to walk on. It is so bad for their legs, muscles and hips to walk on a surface where their feet slide.  This kennel is 8 ft x 8 ft. Half is pavers and half is dirt with a cattle panel under the dirt to prevent digging.  It is also safe from outside predators. 

This opens up to an 8 ft x 15 ft play area that is also pavers. 

I raised the heat lamp, last night it was 75 degrees which is too hot. 68 is better. 

The girls were just being too cute so I did them together
The boys are still working on getting their eyes open
but they are almost there
There was some confusion on the agreement, it is fixed. 
Please be careful with vaccines!

We have people requesting we don't do them, some requesting we do and then we do, and some forget that we do, and the pup ends up getting over vaccinated. And I have had some vets do them because they don't believe the pup had them. Over vaccinating puppies absolutely can and does cause many health issues. Sometimes right away and sometimes later on in life. 

If you check out " THE BREED" page, there are links to this information. 

Two things that are horrible for dogs if not used sparingly, vaccines and antibiotics. Sometimes necessary and often do more harm than good. The more you know the safer your dog. And vets will not tell you. 

New Pictures

We are working today ( Friday) to get the dogs / pups ready for the weekend. All is looking good, weather is looking good. We are hoping to get Aluki's babies outside. She is getting bored inside. So we are super busy today getting this all done. 
Please send quick email to confirm ( sat or sun) so I know who to expect!
Best times are between 12 - 2 pm this is when we have the warmest sun. 
Hwy 24 / CR 15 ( Elkhorn Rd ) This is 5 miles east of Hartsel, then 5 miles on dirt Elkhorn to Oxford. First house. You can see the dog yard. ( Elkhorn is only a north turn, Oxford is only a right turn) 
2254 Oxford Dr Hartsel Dr Hartsel 90449 ( sometimes comes up Lake George)
FINAL payments are now due
" Echo's Litter" 
greeting the neighbors
Team Work
First Snow