Snow Pack Malamutes

Snow Pack Puppies

We will be having one litter in the spring to take care of the people on our waiting list. This will probably be a red and black litter, possibly greys. We were already committed to this litter when we decided to make our life changes. So it will be one more in the spring. We will most likely be in Iowa by then and will travel from Iowa to Colorado to deliver pups already reserved. We will have a few spots open on this litter. 

This will be the last litter for a while. We will see where the future takes us. 

We are very grateful for all the wonderful people over the years but it is time for us to slow down and enjoy our time.  We have been thinking about this for the past few years and I think now we  just need to do it. 

We are really looking forward to some new and exciting adventures ! 
We also plan on moving  as we have a new grandson in Michigan. We have grand kids here in Colorado too so maybe somewhere in between?  This may be the new direction we are heading. It is time for cutting back on work and adding more vacation and grandkid time. 
We may decided to find homes for a couple of our adults. One's that we feel would adjust the easiest. 
Requirements would be a good fenced yard and a playmate.
( My dogs would not do good as an only dog, they enjoy the companionship of at least one other )
They are also used to being outside so a kennel of some kind would probably be a good idea too. This is what they like. 
My girls are all indoor / outdoor dogs but prefer to be outside. 
My dogs are also all crate trained. 
They would need to stay in the Colorado area.