Snow Pack Malamutes

Care & Maintenace 

Information about caring for a new puppy or an older dog

1. Crawl around the floor and look for things puppies can chew on. Puppies love to chew on cords. Do the same with your yard if you have one.

2. Buy a variety of quality chew toys. Stuffed toys with no plastic eyes and parts they can choke on.

3. Pick up supplies.


Dog Food - cheap dog food is never good for your dog. If you can buy it in a grocery story or walmart it is not good.

Pet stores like PetSmart stock their shelves according to quality. Worst to best quality. Learn to read labels.

Only buy MADE IN USA treats and ALL Natural Treats. Human grade is best.


is something I recommend you always keep on hand. It comes in a spray. It is kind of expensive. It will save you vet bills. It can be used on any sore or cut and it is amazing what this can heal. You can buy it in pet stores and vet offices as well as farm and tractor type stores. It will keep any thing from getting infected and heal wounds amazingly fast.

Leash - for walking

Leash - 20 ft light weight for training


Puppy's First Day

Stress of leaving home can make them sick. This can be very scary. The first sign is diarrhea. This can lead to dehydration and can become complicated very quickly.

This will weaken their immune system and can enhance issues with the following... whereas otherwise puppies would be ok

Two problems that are very common - Very Common!

Coccidia - Signs of this is watery bloody diarrhea, weakness and vomiting. A parasite in the intestines and very easily spread from one dog to another. If this is suspected, it should be treated.

Giardia - Watery greasy diarrhea, bad smelling, fatigue, weight loss. Parasite found in water, ground, feces. This is not an issue in older dogs but should be treated in young puppies.

These can be treated by a vet or Panacur C from a store.

Studies have shown that oregano oil has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic and anti-fungal properties. You can add a drop or two in the dog water daily. This will also help loose stools.

IF you are concerned about dehydration, you can put a little children's unflavored pedialyte in the water. This will help maintain electrolytes.

Heart Murmurs

Minor Heart Murmurs can be very common in young puppies. IF your puppy was found to have one, it is nothing to worry about and will grow out of it by the time it is about 12 - 16 wks old. Even more common in larger breed dogs.

IF we feel the heart murmur is going to be more then something the puppy will grow out of, we will discuss options with you.I will know at the first vet visit.


Your pup will be wormed at least once.
You may need to continue to worm your pup. This varies from vet to vet.


Your pup will have the first set of shots and will need two more sets. Usually at 12 wks and 16 wks.
This depends on your vet. Rabies is usually done at 16 wks.

Potty Training

If you use puppy pee pads, you are teaching your puppy to potty "on" things in the house.

It is best to start right away with going outside. If they have accidents, pick it up or wipe it up and take it out side and leave it where you want them to go.

Potty training can take months. So please be very patient. Consistency is the key to training. Our pups are raised out side from the time they start to potty on their own so they by doing this, we have already started the process. They will only know to potty in natural material. This is the ground but can also include wood shavings.

When you get your new puppy home, Try to take them to the same place every time. Don't be so quick to clean up after them. If they poop where you don't want them to, pick it up and put it where you do want them to and leave it there. A lot of times they will keep going in the same place.

Crate Training
Crate training is recommended. It is tough the first few days if you are lucky or weeks.
Eventually it will become their place of comfort. A place to call their own and a safe place when you are gone.


All puppies chew !

And puppies get bored. So variety and tough toys.

Puppies will be teething so they will be chewing. You can get some of the canvas type toys wet and freeze them. This will help relieve teething pain.

Large raw beef bones are great. Just take them away when they get small enough to swallow.


They will dig !

Give them an area to dig and usually it will help.

They like a shady cool area of the yard. You can also wet it down in the summer and they will like that or prefer it.


All puppies bite to start with. This is how they communicate. When they are with their litter mates, they communicate with their mouths. They need to be taught to communicate in other ways once they leave their litter mates. You can stop the biting by quickly placing a toy in their mouth, distracting them, walking away and ignoring them, or grabbing their muzzle and firmly telling them no. You must be consistent.

Dog Brushes

Slicker brushes, rakes and combs are best
Furminators can ruin or damage the malamute coats !
NEVER SHAVE OR TRIM the malamute coats !!

The best way to handle a malamutes blowing coat is to have it professionally groomed ( if you trust the person )
Go to a do it yourself dog wash place. This is a place you can take your dog and use their bathing area, shampoo. towels and dryers. This is the best way to get the coat clean. These dryers get the under coat loose hair out. A regular hair dryer or air drying will not work. It is well worth the effort and they clean up the mess ! Usually for $15.

Malamutes do not need a lot of brushing. Over brushing can be bad for their coats.

20 ft light weight training leash

Use this to train or teach the pup to come off leash and other commands.
This long leash is the best training tool outside a fence. If the pup takes off, it is easier to catch.
This is a great training tool for months. When the pups gets at the end of 20 ft, say " far enough" and give a light tug on the leash. Eventually they will learn they have a boundary of about 20 ft. When they get this part, then you can let go of the 20 ft leash and tie a log or tire to it so the dog can go farther but yet you still have some control and it still slows the dog down. Keep saying " far enough " when they reach the distance you want them to stay in. Through all of this stage, work on the recall of " come " and reward each time. But not every time with a treat. Mix it up.

Hot and Cold
Hot weather - Malamute coats protect them from the heat as long as they have shade and cool water.
If they are outside, they may dig to find cool soil.
If they are inside, they will usually like a tile floor.
Cold weather - Leave them alone. There really is no weather too cold for them. Just protect them from rain and wind and they will be happy. Provide them with shelter but don't make them use it. They really do like the bitter cold. They can handle cold to -70 degrees even if they have blown their coats and are used to being outside.
When it is hot - it is not best to hose them down. Their wet coats can act as a wet blanket trapping the heat in and they can die from the heat.

Spay and Neutering
Please do not spay or neuter your dog before they are at least full grown. Early spay and neutering greatly increases hip displaysia and bone cancer.

Malamute Coats

Malamutes blow their coats twice a year. This is not a rule ! Some do, some don't. Some completely blow and some do a mild blow. Coat types effect the way they blow. Heat cycles in girls also effect their coats. What does it mean to blow the coat ? It is a major coat shed. Clumps of hair come out at the same time. When the clumps are coming out, this is the best time to pay someone to " blow " the coat out with a professional hair dryer or go to a pet store that provides a place to bathe them. Once all the hair is out, they will not shed again for about 6 months.The malamute should not shed all the time. If they do, there is something wrong. Usually poor food quality or food allergy. If it is not either of these, then thyroid might be the problem.

High Prey Drive

People say malamutes have high prey drive. This is true to the untrained dog.
That is the key, untrained. Right from the start. Teach your dogs " leave it " any time you are walking and the dogs goes to sniff or pick up something it should not. Any time the dogs wants to go after anything it should not, say " leave it " and pull the dogs back and keep going.

Carpet Stain Remover

You can find this at pet stores.Nature's Miracle Dog Stain and Oder Remover

This product is dangerous to animals! 
It can cause reproductive issues, low births and miscarriages. 
This information is hard to find and is hidden well. If it causes these issues, it m may cause others too. 
The active ingrediant ALKYL is in 78 other cleaning products. 
It has affected at least 2 of our dogs that we know of. I don't know if the issues are permanent. I can't prove it, but won't take any chances. 
This is a good example of good and bad walking harness.  Equipment that goes over the shoulder / joint and vital muscles will eventually cause damage or injury. 
If a dog pulls, eventually the dogs structure will be effects from being pulled to the side. 
This one can actually cause a neck/cervical spine injury. 
This is the best way to fight and prevent worms, parasites, fleas, ticks ! 
Simple, cheap, all natural 
It also works as a detox after vaccines which is important to do. 

You can google it for instructions depending on what you want to use it for. Great for humans too.  You can search detoxing after dog vaccines. is an awesome source for information on a lot of things