Snow Pack Malamutes

Snow Pack Puppies

Please note, please be sure you are really interested in our pups and you are ready before contacting us. Also, we will not be shipping any pups. All pups need to be going to homes in Colorado or close to Colorado   ( surrounding states ). We will meet people to deliver within reason. If you live farther, you need to be the one picking up. No flights. No transports. We feel it is important to meet people even if it is for a short time just dropping off/picking up a pup.
Colorado or near Colorado only, no commercial shipping of any kind
We gladly deliver to Utah, Northern Arizona and Wyoming other states surrounding Colorado. We will also deliver to Nebraska and Iowa (we have family there)
Must be flexible on dates. 
We have looked into PACFA Licence 
Pet Animal Care Facilities Act 
Department of Agricultural 
It is NOT necessary for us to have a license as we are not producing enough, nor do we plan to produce enough to require a license. 
We are not a business, we are not a puppy mill, we don't live off our dogs, we do not constantly breed. We are fully capable of caring for our dogs without the need to breed them. But we do occasionally have people, good people, who want a companion dog from us. So, on rare occasion, we do have a litter of pups. 
We offer home raised pups from parents who are loved and cared for. Pups from parents that have wonderful lives outside of crates and kennels. From parents that have amazing temperaments, who love people and kids and adventure.  We also allow people to come play with their pups while the pups are growing.  We encourage it when weather and roads allow it.  We also prefer to keep our pups close and do not allow pups to be shipped. We must meet the new owners at some point.  
That's a lot of puppies ! 
Well, it is. But these are simply cute pictures, and some are the same pup/puppies or litter. Keep in mind, we started a long time ago. We are not someone who got a few dogs, bred them and quit ( some people do this ). We have been here since around 2003

Some people do have a license. These most likely breed enough that they need one. These are the people I question. It is hard work and takes a great deal of time to raise one litter. To raise several, is a career. Not saying anything is wrong with this at all. But it is something to question as to why they breed often. IF they always have pups available, that is also something to question. It can be a red flag. 

So why do we charge a price if we are not a business? Puppies that are free or cheap are usually poor quality. Same with always available.  We do believe we have great healthy lines. Great temperaments too. We take pride in our pups. They get quality food, not cheap food. And toys, we go through a lot of toys! 

There is another side to choosing a price. Some sell theirs for $3000 - $3500. That is just greed. Their dogs are no different than mine and one breeder unfortunately does have my line.  Puppies that are sold cheap often (not always) go to homes that don't value or care as much for the puppy. We never want any of our pups to end up in shelters or live a life chained to a tree or kennel. People who have something invested are more likely to take care of it. Give it a quality life. We also plan our litters in advance. For the same reason, we don't want people to buy on impulse. It needs to be well thought out and planned. I have found over the years, these are the best homes. This matters to me. 

A license to breed

This is for someone who breeds often. When someone has a license, they are inspected once a year to make sure they have the basics for the dogs. Or whenever they want to.   It does not guarantee the health of a dog or puppies, nor does it guarantee any temperaments of the dogs or puppies.  It does not guarantee the dogs are fed quality food or that they have toys to play with. It does not guarantee that the dogs have a quality life beyond breeding.  It just means that once a year, someone goes and looks to see the dogs have the basics. 

Is this good enough for you? 

We think people who are considering one of our pups should come here in person and see for themselves. 

Meet the dogs in person, check out their living arrangements and play area. 

Meet us in person. 

The PACFA is just another government agency. 

I would rather limit my breeding than to give the government a reason to come into my home and have access to my costumers and finances and tell me how to do things. 

No puppies available at this time.