Snow Pack Malamutes

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Snow Pack Puppies

That's a lot of puppies ! 
Well, it is. But these are simply cute pictures, and some are the same pup/puppies or litter. Keep in mind, we started a long time ago. We are not someone who got a few dogs, bred them and quit ( some people do this ). We have been here since around 2003
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Past Puppies

Our pups are born and raised inside for the first month.  When they are about 4 wks old, they are moved outside to a pup kennel that is next to the house and off the deck. It is a secure kennel with top. It opens into an 8 x 15 ft play area so they are not confined to a kennel. They can also have access to the deck when old enough. This kennel has a doghouse and heat if needed. 

We encourage puppy visits when the pups are 5 to 8 wks old. 

We feed quality food and give moms supplements to ensure good health. 

Pups are vet checked at 7 wks and ready to leave between 8 and 9 wks old. 

Puppy buyers must be met in person. 

Puppies must be picked up in person OR we can meet you part way. 

IF a flight is involved, we still need to meet you. 

No delivery services are allowed. 

We will also drive / deliver with in reason. 

Another step forward for SNOW PACK 

NIKKI passed her CGC !!

Canine Good Citizen test


No current pups available

And... Novice TRICK!

If you leave the comments blank - I will *IGNORE* the application. 

Communication is important to me

If any pups are available after pups are born, they will be posted here. IF no pups are posted, no pups are available. 

Our puppy lists for 2024



Looking forward to spring time!

This is our dog yard. To the right side is a kennel area and to the left is also a kennel area. We have 5 acres. To the left side is a hill so not all of it can be used. But we do have more that we can use for the dogs. 

With limiting the breeding this year ( 2024) I will have more time to do other things. One of those is to expand the dog yard.  My plan is to add about another 300 ft of fence. I also plan on adding more big toys to keep them stimulated. 

With our 2024 puppy lists already full, I can focus on the dogs! Thank you so much everyone for joining our malamute family!   I will have so much more time to focus on the puppies, the personal puppy pages and the big dogs!