Snow Pack Malamutes

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Snow Pack Puppies

Please note, please be sure you are really interested in our pups and you are ready before contacting us. We will meet people to deliver within reason. If you live farther, you need to be the one picking up. No flights. No transports. We feel it is important to meet people even if it is for a short time just dropping off/picking up a pup.
That's a lot of puppies ! 
Well, it is. But these are simply cute pictures, and some are the same pup/puppies or litter. Keep in mind, we started a long time ago. We are not someone who got a few dogs, bred them and quit ( some people do this ). We have been here since around 2003
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Near Fairplay, Colorado
Please take the time to look through the website before contacting me. 
Please read !
Past Puppies

Visiting, we understand when looking for a breeder or a puppy, it is best to see the place in person.  But we need to keep our dogs, puppies and ourselves safe at the same time. Unfortunately, we have had people take small stuff from our home, we have caught people snooping around our property, we have had other breeders send people pretending to want pups just to get information and take pictures. It is very sad and heartbreaking that we live in a world like this. It is hard for us to trust people. But on the other hand, we have had so many wonderful people over the years join our malamute family. Because of this, I keep doing what I do. I won't let evil in the world win.   So for the most part, it is a judgement call on our part. We do allow people to come visit the big dogs if we feel comfortable. Or if I can verify who you are. But we do not allow people to come see puppies unless they have a deposit on one. We are firm on this. 

We have provided many pictures and videos on this website. There is a picture of our home, our dog kennel area as well as the dog yard. There are also videos taken at home. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram. We provide plenty to verify who we are and how long we have had malamutes. I have not been very active lately but it is public for all to see. 

People who choose us as their breeder are encouraged to visit their pups between 5 and 8 wks old. 

Our pups are born and raised inside for the first month.  When they are about 4 wks old, they are moved outside to a pup kennel that is next to the house and off the deck. It is a secure kennel with top. It opens into an 8 x 15 ft play area so they are not confined to a kennel. They can also have access to the deck when old enough. This kennel has a doghouse and heat if needed. 

We encourage puppy visits when the pups are 5 to 8 wks old. 

We feed quality food and give moms supplements to ensure good health. 

Pups are vet checked at 7 wks and ready to leave between 8 and 9 wks old. 

Right before pups are born, I create a page for the pups so deposit holders can watch their pups grow from birth to 8 wks old. I post pictures when they are a few days old and update the pictures weekly.  I will share information about how they are doing, what changes they are going through as well as videos. 

People near and far can watch them grow from week to week. 

No puppy is reserved without a deposit, 
If interested, please fill out the application completely. Communication is very important to us. 
Puppy buyers must be met in person. 

Puppies must be picked up in person OR we can meet you part way. 

IF a flight is involved, we still need to meet you. 

No delivery services are allowed. 

We will also drive / deliver with in reason. 

3 White Males Available

$1800  ($900 deposit - $900 at 6 wks old)

Nashoba - Dad 

Born Aug 7,2023

Possibly - 1 woolie and 2 standard coats

Blacks / Reds 

Standard and long coats 

Planned breeding - for end of 2023 

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