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Please note, please be sure you are really interested in our pups and you are ready before contacting us. We will meet people to deliver within reason. If you live farther, you need to be the one picking up. No flights. No transports. We feel it is important to meet people even if it is for a short time just dropping off/picking up a pup.
Colorado or near Colorado only, no commercial shipping of any kind
We gladly deliver to or meet people in or near Utah including SLC, Northern Arizona and Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, New Mexico.  We will also deliver to Iowa (we have family there)
That's a lot of puppies ! 
Well, it is. But these are simply cute pictures, and some are the same pup/puppies or litter. Keep in mind, we started a long time ago. We are not someone who got a few dogs, bred them and quit ( some people do this ). We have been here since around 2003
Nikki is our youngest here at Snow Pack. I have started a blog for her.  I am documenting her training as she grows. I am including helpful hints on how to successfully raise a well mannered, well adjusted puppy.
Her blog is on the menu bar above. 
If you are planning on adding a puppy to your home, please check out our " Care and Maintenance " page on the menu bar

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Near Fairplay, Colorado

Next litter is due first week January 2023

Please take time to look over our website. I have a lot of pictures and information on here.  If you are seriously interested in one of our pups, please fill out the application. 

January  pups will be typical greys and sables with wooly coats and nice markings. 

Pups will reach 85 - 110 lbs full maturity 

This litter will be ready to leave early March 2023