Snow Pack Malamutes

I am going to dedicate this page to share my training tips. 
Nakyla is 9 wks old and training has begun !

Training a Puppy

Everything is training!
Training continues for the first couple years. 

The first week with Nakyla, I spent all my time with her. We used this time to bond. 

On her first adventure, we went to the lake. It's a short trip and I didn't want to overwhelm her. 

I use a 20 ft light nylon leash. This is just for safety. Young pups can be spooked very easy. 

I let the leash drag. It is ok if it occasionally snags on something, this teaches awareness. Simply fix it and go on.  I let her explore and walk at her own pace. It is really important that in the beginning, all experiences be good.  It's also important not to talk very much to her.  I don't use her name unless I am praising her.  I want her to think about what she is doing. I want her to become independent.  I want her to become confident. 

Letting Nakyla do her own thing. 

Nakyla stepped off a rock and basically fell in the lake. 

It was important for me to NOT REACT

Because I did not react, this forced her to deal with what happen and she did not panic. 

I didn't panic, so she didn't either! She actually went out about three feet then turned and came back.   So instead of panicking, all was well. 

She learned it was ok and she could actually swim.  When she came out of the water, I praised her for doing a good job! 

10 wks old
Goose Poop 
Exposing her to water again. I want her to like water and feel comfortable around it. 

Following the same as above, letting the leash drag. She stopped and explored. She continues to build confidence.  I did have to encourage her to cross the creek. She did not like the first step but was ok once she was in the water. Again, building confidence. If they don't do it, they don't learn. They won't get used to it and then later on, anxiety!

On our way back, she went right to the door of the jeep and waited! 

Third trip to the water

Exposing her to different surfaces 

We spent quite a bit of time just sitting along the water edge, she kind of fell in once but jumped out fast

So I decided to try another area. After about a half hour, all of a sudden there she goes ! All on her own !

She had a great day playing in the water ! 

Nikki's next adventure was the Golden Cruise in Golden, Colorado season opener.

This was her first time being around a lot of people and very loud cars. She did great ! 

** Car pictured is FATKATT 

This is a blown corvette that my brother built - 1200HP

When my brother ( Steve ) was getting ready to leave for a short cruise, I held Nikki kind of tight.  We were right next to his car and it is loud so I did expect her to get scared. So I held her tight and she did good. She didn't panic. When he came back, she was sitting at my feet and she didn't even move. I am so impressed with her. 

11 wks old
Socializing at PetSmart 
She did not like the cart but did ok in it. 
Red Rocks Canyon
She had a good time and met a few people. It was extremely windy so we didn't go very far or stay long
Learning to drink from the hose
Getting to know the big kids - Kodiak
Nala n Nikki 
First 4 wheeling day
Just light 4 wheeling to start with. 
On a postive note - she slept all night in slept in 2 extra hours in the morning !
So important to give them as much variety as possible and let them explore at this age. 
12 wks old today
This is a pretty big waterfall. Nikki did great on the large rocks. She was confident walking up to the rushing water. 
I do think the waterfall noise bothered her. So, I will be taking her back until she is comfortable. When a pup is uncomfortable with something, keep exposing them to it until they are ok with it. If you don't, then they become afraid of it.
When I do this, I will just go and sit by it. Not forcing anything but just calmly sit and allow her to play around. She will eventually get used to it. 
The same goes for other noises like a hair dryer. I first turn it on and let them get used to the noise. Then apply it to them. This helps them adjust faster.  

This place usually has a few people and often times they have dogs. This is a good place for a little socializing without overwhelming.