Snow Pack Malamutes

Nikki's blog 2

6 mos - 12 mos old
Aug 2022 - Feb 2023
At 6 mos old, Nikki is confident and smart. She learns very quickly. It will be a challenge to keep up with her eagerness to learn.

Nikki did great with water dog training and tadpole test. 

With water training over, we will now turn to training on obedience and tricks and maybe some other things. We are excited to see where they takes us. 

It is hard to show in pictures 

Nikki is learning "up" "sit" "down" hand signals. 

She has these three very consistent now. So I will be adding three more this week. 

When she has them, I will add pictures or a video. 

September 3rd, 2022
September 10th, 2022

I love my ducky, I take her everywhere. I keep her safe. 

A little hiking / backpacking with my friend Hana, she is a Newfie. 

4 wheeling - Webster Pass

Rya and Sakari ( and my son ) were with us. 

Nikki does well 4 wheeling. It helps to have other dogs with us and take several breaks to let the dogs out to play. 

Since I do occasionally use Diatomaceous Earth, I am not concerned about her drinking from creeks, rivers and lakes. This is pretty high up and the water is probably purer than most other sources.  The water is pure high mountain spring or snow melt water. Anything in it, like parasites from animals, the DE will stop. 

I have been wondering if Nikki would like a paddleboard or kayak. 
Well, we were at the lake and these two nice ladies were coming in off the lake. Nikki did not know them and had never seen them before. 
When the one lady got to the edge of the water, Nikki put her paws on the paddle board and stopped her. Then climbed right on and laid down. Of course, they said it was ok. Nikki insisted she was going to go with them !  I tried getting Nikki off and she got right back on. The nice lady had a good laugh and enjoyed Nikki's friendliness. 
MOM !!! What is that thing in my lake ? 
Silly Nikki 
September 17, 2022
This was an amazing adventure Nikki and I took with my son, Kurtis and his girl Rya ( Nikki's mom)
This is Grizzly Reservoir near Aspen, Co. 
September 24, 2022
Nikki really loves the water so I will do my best to take her as much as I can until it gets too cold