Snow Pack Malamutes

Two important links above, how to naturally keep your malamute healthy and activities you can do with your malamute !


TICA Reg. Bengal


2 1/2 yr old Red Iguana


Frilled Lizard


Crested Gecko



Male Mack Snow Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko
Female Leopard Gecko


Northern Rough Banded Knob Tail Gecko


Gold Dust Day Gecko


Bearded Dragon









Young Chinese Water Dragon
Baby California King
Male Ferrets
Sugar Gliders
Ball Python
Jones Armadillo Lizard

Prince is the only one we did not get as a baby. He was basically rescued from a pet store.  They took him in and then we rescued him from there giving him his forever home. After getting him home, we realized his claws / nails had been removed so he was not able to climb like normal frills do so his environment had to be created to give him what he needed and wanted yet keep him safe at the same time.  After a year now, his claws seem to be growing back!  We are not sure of his age, approx 4 when we got him and they live to be about 6. We have had him for a year now. So we hope he will be happy for at least another year.  Strange enough, he was also the most expensive specially considering he was older and had previous injuries. But we are very thankful for him. 

This handsome boy was a few months old when we got him. He is a work in progress as all iguana's are. But he is definitely worth it ! 

Having a Bengal is like having a toddler that never grows up !  

Her other names include stop that, get out of there, quit that, let go of that, and leave that alone. 

This sweetheart had a rough start. We found him at a pet store heavily discounted with a damaged tail / tail rot. He had surgury to remove the damaged area and has completely healed.  Just goes to show even the sick ones from pet stores can turn out healthy and beautiful!

" The Dillo's"
Unlike the dog pictures, a lot of these pictures are cell phone pictures so not always the best. 
I have always had a love for animals of all kinds. 
As a young girl, I loved playing in the mud and catching frogs at my favorite park. Sometimes a small snake. This was before I learned they could actually bite. By the time I learned, it was too late. I already fell in love with all critters and nature as a whole. 
My husband, Kurt, has learned to put up with my crazy obsessions