Snow Pack Malamutes

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My Boys

My Girls










My Malamutes

My Malamutes are just that, mine.  They are not show dogs, they are not passed around from show person to show person, they are not with "handlers".  They are never passed around from breeder to breeder. 

They are my companions, my best friends, my hiking buddies, trail buddies or just hanging out in the yard buddies.  

They are not "property"

They are what I love, my passion. 

Sometimes they are clean, sometimes they are groomed and sometimes they are dirty. 

We live a fun life.  My malamute's opinions matter to me. Their smiles matter to me. 

** These are dogs I currently have plus one indoor rescue companion dog. 

I always list all of my dogs. I don't hide dogs or neglect to show what I have.  I never claim to have more or less dogs than I do. 

We also have 2 properties and sometimes we do have a few at the other properties mostly to separate males during heat cycles. 




current stud muffin

Our Malamutes at home 
This property is just over 5 acres. 
Kennel Area 
This is our kennel area. It is a soft dirt with a fairly thick layer of wood shavings mixed in the dirt. There is a screen mesh around the sides. This allows air flow but not wind. This area is covered with 100 % shade. They are protected from wind, rain, snow and sun. It also helps to keep the noise down. 
In here, we have 3 kennels that are 10ft x 10ft and 3 kennels 5ft x 10ft - 6 total
The kennel opens up into the dog yard. 
We have 3 more 10ft x 10ft kennels to the left. 
The dogs have a huge, fenced play area with a mix of sun and shade and always a mix of toys. 
The dog yard is on a slight hill so it doesn't flood or have standing water.
Additional Kennel Space

This kennel is completely secure top and bottom. It is 8ft x 8 ft with welded top and large doghouse. Inside is half pavers and half dirt with wire bottom. 
This opens up to an 8 ft by 15 ft fenced area. 
This is an addition kennel space if we need it for girls in heat or for puppies. 

When used for puppies, it is right off the deck, next to the house, out of weather. We can see the pups at all times right outside the window.
In case of any emergency, we are well prepared. 
Please know we do have emergency plans in place. We live in a high fire danger area. We live high in the Rockies of Colorado. We don't have too many natural disasters to worry about except wildfires. 
We own another property not too far away with 5 acres. We can always move our animals over to the other house/property if we ever need to. 
We have several people who can very quickly help if we ever need it. We have horse trailers available if needed as well to move the dogs. 
If that property is also in danger, we do have a third option if needed. 

Emergency Management

The benefits to the kennels set up this way. 
My malamutes are a pack, they do not like to be separated and prefer to be able to see each other. 

Other benefits .. I never have to trim their nails. 
They do not get hot spots
They do not get elbow calluses or pressure sores
We have about 11 acres total between the two homes. 

Current Stud Muffin 

for Aluki only

Our girls are indoor / outdoor dogs. They are also crate trained. 
Most of the boys are also crate trained. 
We have added a 2nd kennel to the right side of pavers 
Our Weight Pull Competition 
When we take the time to compete in competitions or other events, it is not to earn titles. It is to show our dogs are capable of doing the work. This is what is important to us. Not so much the title. 



3rd place

AMCA Nationals

Our first competition 

we took 3rd

National Western Stock Show

Current Stud Muffin


It is not necessary to show dogs to in order to have quality dogs. It is not necessary to spend endless amounts of money on health tests to have healthy dogs either. 

Some of my bloodlines are very special and I am very privileged to have them. They have a long history of working dogs dating back at least the 1930s.  These lines/dogs have a history of doing freighting and arctic expeditions true to the original breed.  This line includes Taaralaste, Storm Kloud, Husky Pak, Uyak, Tote-Um, Targhee, North Wind. These lines are not lines you will find in common BYB lines. 

The Taaralaste line is the true M'Loot freighting line from Alaska. In the 1960's, this specific line was used to haul freight to climbers and explorers to Mt McKinley National Park. They were also used to patrol the park in winter months.  It is currently still being used today by Joe Henderson in Alaska ( Alaskan Arctic Expeditions ). Joe is still doing  Alaskan Expeditions with his team of 22 malamutes. He uses malamutes to their full potential on remote expeditions in the Arctic and interior Alaska. He has one of the largest working Alaskan Malamute kennels in the world. He strives to maintain an outstanding working breed of malamutes that truly exemplifies their inherent strength, courage, and loyalty.

We believe this history is far more important to the breed than simply and only showing a dog and proving confirmation. Though we do not do expeditions, our dogs live in bitter arctic conditions here in the mountains in the winter, their coats do what they are supposed to do. Their feet are large and well furred, protecting their feet from harsh environments. Our dogs are very strong and well balanced and can run on all natural terrains with no problems. They have amazing instincts when it comes to snow and icy creeks.  Some of our dogs have willingly and happily done sledding, hiking, backpacking, weight pulling. It is important to know their willingness and ability to do what they were originally bred to do. 

Malamutes are generally a healthy breed. I believe most health issues are not hereditary. I believe a lot of health issues in all breeds come from too many vaccines or overuse, overuse of antibiotics, flea and heartworm meds, early spay and neuter, and the overuse of all pharmaceutical drugs. Too many rely on vets and just accept what they prescribe without looking to all natural safe alternative treatments. Over the years and through generations, this has hurt our beloved pets. 

My dogs are raised as all natural as possible and are living proof of the difference this makes. 

They are not perfect, but they do not have the many health issues many dogs suffer from. 

The few health issues within the breed that are hereditary, have not shown up in our pups. We have worked with our lines for many years and many generations. With the exception of a few lines we have brought in.  Any sign of any issue, we quickly stop that line. 

More important, is the fun we have with the dogs !

Hard to believe he is 9  1/2  yrs old

These are my companions. We never rehome them after breeding or older age. 


                         4 yr old

                          3 yrs old

The young ones - the future !

retiring in 24

We have added to this area. I need to update it. 

Tadpole Water Dog



2 yrs and younger 

the babies 

2 yrs 


10 yr old


Today, we said our last good-byes to Colt. 

He lived a long healthy life to the end. Just a few months shy of being 13 yrs old.

Colt was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle malamute I have ever known. He loved life, hiking, backpacking, and hanging with his girls. Most of all, Colt loved to swim!  He also earned his weight pull title. He came to us from Oregon when he was just 8 wks old. He was not born here but we considered him one of our own. He will be forever missed. 

10/5/2011 - 6/14/2024


retiring 24

retiring in 24