Snow Pack Malamutes

Two important links above, how to naturally keep your malamute healthy and activities you can do with your malamute !

June 2022
Mirror Lake
June 2022
Mirror Lake
Nashoba 2 yrs old  Nikki 15 wks old
Mosquito Gulch
June 2022
Nikki 15 wks old 
with Rya and Sakari
Taylor Reservoir
June 2022
Nikki 15 wks old 
w/ Rya and Sakari
Cottonwood Pass
June 2022
Eleven Mile Canyon
May 2022
Eleven Mile Canyon 
May 2022
Geneva Creek
May 2022
Tavi - one of our ferrets
absolutely loves the vacuum 
Just sound
The dogs howling
Baby Kodiak howls with them
Blue Lakes
Sakari, Uzi, Hialeah 
Paradise Cove
Ruger, Uzi, Hialeah, Sakari 
La Salle Pass
 Nador, Uzi, Hialeah, Sakari
Dog Yard - home
Arabelle - Bengal
A litter of pups waiting to see the vet
Dog Yard
Dog Yard
Ruger enjoying the river. Some one on one time. He is 10+ yrs old here
Mosquito Gulch
We saw a bob cat just to the left. They ignored it. 
Uzi and Chenoa
Mosquito Gulch
Aspen, Nakota, Colt
Ruger and Chenoa
one on one time
She was almost 12 yrs old here
Aspen, Hialeah, Colt
Baby Nikki's siblings
Amazing weekend camping with 48 Alaskan Malamutes!
An experience I will never forget. Running huge teams at 5 am
( I harnessed most of those malamutes!)
Letting the dogs out !
This is an older video. The kennels were slightly covered, now completely covered for more shade. 
Nikki rescuing her Ducky
Taking me to shore. 
Nikki's Newfie friend does water rescue. Nikki is learning too. 
Nikki learning slippery rocks.
She loves the water !

Nikki and Nashoba 

 This is just a short video to show how well they do. 

They do not leave the gate until called. They go right back in without being told. They love where they live and have no desire to leave without me being with them.  This video was taken just after I injured my back so walking and breathing was a bit difficult. 

This video also shows a little of our property and where we live. 

This is no doubt mountain living. We are at 9500 ft depending on where you are on the property. 

Our address is no one's business as it is a private home and other people live here.  

We do have cameras up and the safety and security of all is important. 

Unfortunately, I had to say that. We have had strange people contact us over the years.  I have caught people on our property looking in our kennels !!!  We have caught other breeders sending people to snoop and take pictures of our kennels and dogs !! ( people pretending to be interested in pups )

We have lived in this mountain area since 2011. We are not new to malamutes, we have a long history that is well documented. We are not new to the mountains as this is well documented as well. Many breeders come and go in a few years. Many breeders are simply breeders with no real interest in their adults or the breed. I hope you can see we are well documented and can back all we say. 

Puppies first snow !
Ruger, Nashoba, Kodiak, Aluki, Nanook, Echo
Baby Nikki 
4 wheeling will rock babies to sleep 
Taken on our property
Sahara's first big adventure alone. She did fantastic !