Snow Pack Malamutes

The Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute 
Is an Alaskan Malamute.   It is not a giant and it is not a standard. It is simply a malamute. Some are larger ( through selective breeding ) some are smaller ( through selective breeding). Some have longer coats and some have shorter coats. Some are breeding selectively to make the malamute what they think is best or what they want. This is over time ruining the breed.  Plain and simple. They are destroying the breed by doing this. Anytime someone does this, they are purposely changing history for their own needs or wants with no regards to history. 
Malamutes do NOT have blue eyes !
If you come across a malamute with blue eyes, it is a mix. Somewhere in the line, it was mixed. IF a DNA test was done and it does not show up, that just means that the mix was light and too far to be detected. 
Never one brown one blue !
So what about the size ?
There is a natural variance in size in the breed. 
If you are looking for a larger malamute, please look carefully at the quality. Do they look like malamutes ? They should not have narrow heads, jowls/lips should be tight, ears should not be huge. They should have good think bone, not long and lengthy like a great dane.  Just something to think about. 
Malamutes and Husky
Two separate breeds with very different personalities and qualities
Malamutes come in many different colors. 
Please be careful about breeders who advertise specific colors or rare colors. This is an advertising gimmick and not in the breeds best interest.  
Three of the biggest lies ?
Malamutes can not be off leash
Malamutes do not get along with other dogs 
Malamutes do not get along with same sex

It truly is all in how you raise them. 
Most important about the Alaskan Malamute
This is an amazing breed. They are very healthy and hardy. They are super smart, funny and sensitive. 
They will love you with all their heart. 

Sick Dogs

I constantly hear about sick dogs on social medias!
From Cancers to Hot Spots
The simple answer is SHOTS !
Dog shots / vaccines are causing this!
Preventive drugs are causing this! 
My best advice is to keep your dog natural as possible. 
You have to decide what the risk factor is where you live. 
If you have concerns, please consider all natural solutions or treatments.
Links below have great information! 
Check them out! 
Please do your own research!
I recommend searching on duckduckgo