Snow Pack Malamutes

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Nikki's Water Rescue Training

Sit - Come
swimming out to rescue
circling around to get into position
allowing the swimmer to grab hold
Bringing the swimmer in
She loves her ducky and won't let it drown
Nikki is training privately and also with the Newfoundland (Newfie) Club of America Water Rescue
Nikki is 5 mos old at the time I started this page. I have already been working with her on this but felt we needed to have some success before I started it. 
* this is not me *
IF all goes well, Nikki will be tested at the end of August as a beginner. We are not expecting much as she is just 5 mos old.  She will continue next spring and train for advanced rescue and testing. 
This girl loves the boat and jumping off ! 
She is a natural ! 
Nikki is getting braver! She is going farther out and deeper water ! 
6 mos old today - great day !
retrieving at least 25 ft
Swimming out to drowning person, circling around into position so the person can grab on to her
Nikki did fantastic ! 
So very proud of this girl !
Just 6 mos old !
It was a long day with a lot of great people and dogs. Nikki handled it very well. It was warm as well but we were able to keep her cool since we were next to the lake. She did well staying in a crate for the first time too. I took advantage of this time and practiced walking away out of her sight. At first, she would get a little nervous, but she quickly adjusted and settled down.
She was happy and fully of confidence with everything throughout the day. She was one of the last ones to be tested. She approached this with the same attitude -
let's do this !  She nailed it !
What is next for Nikki ?
Fall -Winter 2022-2023
We will be working on titles for ..
Trick and Intermediate 
As soon as we can start working in the spring, we will be back in the water working towards the junior water dog test. 
NIKKI made the Newfie quarterly newsletter !