Snow Pack Malamutes

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If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out the information below. 
Please give us a little information about yourself,  your family and lifestyle. 
If there is a specific litter or puppy you are interested in, please list it in the comments. Please let us know if you are interested in a male or female, or either. 
It's really unfortunate that I have to write this, but if you are a puppy scammer, we have been in here long enough to quickly recognize scams.
So please don't waste your time on us.  

For those who are not scammers, a scammer is someone who tries to purchase a puppy. They take the puppy and market it as their own for sale at a higher price. They create fake names and websites. They usually pay with certified checks so they cannot be tracked.  Their websites and phone numbers come and go as people find out. Then they create new ones. They also steal pictures from other websites. There are those that buy pups and resell them or market at a higher price. Then there are those who do not have puppies and steal pictures and sell puppies that they don't have. Some will go as far as giving out a random breeders address to make it seem more real.   

One way to determine if a seller is real, is clear and obvious history over years, not months or weeks. Pictures documenting history and their dogs growing up. Activities outside the home or property. Anyone can take a picture of a dog next to a person on a leash. It proves nothing. 

I am posting this as we are getting hit with more than normal number of scams. 

Being a responsible breeder is not easy. Of course, there is the work involved but those of us that care about where the pups go, have to be very careful. The scams do work both ways as mentioned above. But it is also a very competitive world even though it should not be. We constantly have other breeders harassing, spying, sending fake emails, and we have even had them go as far as sending fake people to our home pretending to be costumers. Some drive by and take pictures.  

It is very sad that people feel like they need to do this. So please understand why I need to be able to verify the information. We don't use it for anything other then slowing down or stopping the scams. 

Puppies are $1800
$600 deposit, $600 when born, final $600 by 6 wks old
First Vet check, AKC  Limited Application, worming and puppy packet included
Please be sure you are ready to commit to a future puppy before filling out this application.

We always have a waiting list.

We never have current puppies available.
By the time they are born, they will all have homes.
If you are wanting to wait until they are born, you will miss out on one of our pups.
We do not have any pups planned after the October litters. 

If you are still "learning or looking" we have a ton of information on our website. You are welcome to stay awhile and look around.

We welcome questions and here to help.  

People who are planning a head and willing to wait make the best puppy homes.

FULL AKC Breeding rights - EXTRA