Snow Pack Malamutes

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fall 2023

Below are a group of pictures of Nikki 1.7 yrs old, Sahara 10 mos, McKinley 5 mos

Nikki is just out of heat, Sahara is just about out of heat. Both girls are moody. Nikki and Sahara spent a lot of time together when younger, then Nikki started raising McKinley. It was time to get the two teenagers back together. There was a little grumbling between them, but all went very well. Sahara has to learn her place in the pack.  Nikki is well behaved, and I trust her completely, Sahara is just as big but still acts like she is 4 mos old and still plays that way too. So she needs to learn some pack manners. So it is really important for Sahara to learn now before she gets any larger. I have a feeling she will end up being our largest female. She is super sweet, very large but slow to mature. Her first heat was at 10 mos so I expect her to start maturing pretty quick.  





Sahara's first adventure alone as a big girl (11 mos)




This is Nikki's water tank. She is the only one that has figured out how to get in it. Trigger really wants to but just can't figure it out. I usually keep about a foot of water in it for her. 

Such a special day for Colt! 

Colt has always loved the cows. He would actually herd them. Where we live, we have a lot of free roaming cows. So we always had to be careful to make sure there were no cows when we let Colt run free.  

We took Colt and Hialeah out for what was probably Colts last time out due to his age. He was so happy to "catch" a cow ! Ok it was dead but he was happy!

Hialeah - Echo - Sahara = 3 generations of sable females