Snow Pack Malamutes

09/12/2010 - 12/11/2022

Raising AKC Alaskasn Malamutes since 2003

Mountain Life Living with our Malamutes

We live at 9500 ft high in the Colorado Rockies. 
It can snow from September to June. We can 4 wheel higher up so we have access to snow year round. We have 2 properties, both over 5 acres with one bordering Pike National Forest. Both properties are close together. 
Our mid winter night temperatures often get down to -45 degrees, summer nights are often in the low 40's. We rarely get to 80 in the summer. This is real mountain life and perfect for the Snow Pack Malamutes !
This is real mountain living ! Once the sun sets, it gets bitter cold but as the sun rises, most winter days are pretty nice. We are considered high plains desert so we do warm up some during the winter days.  We are 30 miles to the nearest small town and about 50 miles to the nearest small city.  We are 5 miles to the nearest paved road. Sometimes we have to wait up to 3 days for our road to be plowed no matter how much snow we get.  We do appreciate the hill behind us that to kindly blocks the west wind. We have plenty of snow in the winter and plenty of shade in the summer. 
Winter Wonderland at Snow Pack 
This is our yard !
Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes
This is Malamute Heaven !
For those of you that are new to Snow Pack, I am building this new website. The old one was quite large, so old and so large it was becoming disorganized.  My old program was also outdated which forced me to start over. 
A Little History
I have not been breeding malamutes since 2003. 
I pursued the love of malamutes starting in 2003. Breeding came a little later. We have not had litters every year. Some years we did not have puppies, some years only one litter and other years a few more. 
I have always had a love for dogs and all animals. I was not allowed to have a dog growing up but I did form an amazing bond with an Irish Setter, Baron. I spent all the time I could with him. His owner didn't mind until he started running breaking loose to find me. This was the first bond with a dog that I had. 
When I turned 18 and was on my own, the first thing I did was buy a Husky. She was quite the experience. But friends had a malamute. His name was Estes and he lived in Estes Park. Oh he was so beautiful and well behaved. This is when I first exposed to the malamute.  This was in 1983 wow. A long time ago. And so it began. My husky was a typical husky and was a bit of a wild child. The people with the malamute took her and were able to contain her.  She did better having a playmate.

After that, I adopted a husky, shepherd, lab mix, and he was by far the best dog I have ever known. I took him to a training academy, and we learned a lot about training and understanding dogs in general.  Later on, I was given a wolf malamute mix. He was very timid, and the breeder would not be able to find him a good home so I took him, raised him, socialized him and trained him and was able to place him in a great home with people that had another wolf mix. 

After this, and married, with kids, we had a Shar Pei, then 2 Keeshonds and other mixes. I have always had at least one dog since 1983. This takes me to about 2003 when I decided to finally get a malamute.  

When I started with the malamute, I didn't just go buy one. I did a lot of research. I went to dog shows and talked to people in the show world. I did learn a lot from them but also learned showing was not for me. They were not very nice and definitely not helpful considering they were members of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America. So I went my own way.  My daughter had a female, I had a male. Then I added a few more. They have never been just dogs to me, they were malamutes. I have spent my last 19 yrs learning dogs, malamutes, behavior, health and pack order. I also study wolves.   I started working my malamutes and did well competing in weight pulling through the IWPA and AMCA. Through this experience, we met some amazing malamute owners. This led to becoming a member of the Columbine Country Alaskan Malamute Club here in Colorado. And then a member of the AMCA (Alaskan Malamute Club of America) Again learned show people are not that nice. They are either really helpful or they are nasty. No middle ground in the show world.  My health issues forced me to stop competing in weight pulling. I left the clubs. Now I just enjoy my malamutes. It's that simple. I really enjoy hiking and 4 wheeling and just playing in the yard with them. Weight pulling did some damage to my spine, so I have slowed down quite a bit. As I get older, I am doing less but still enjoy spending time with the malamutes. We have over 5 acres with a fenced play area for them. We still take them 4 wheeling when I can handle it. Short hikes to let them run free. 

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